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Our farm next to the hotel

Our farmhouse Amaten – “Andermaht” in the eighteenth century, and since the nineteenth century renamed with the current name -, has a long history. It’s been in our family, the Wolfsgruber, for a long time. Almost three generations work with passion here: Eduard, Hannes and also little Maximilian and Niklas, busy pushing the pedals of his tractor as hard as they can.


Info & historyOur farmhouse extends over a surface of 10 acres, in addition to further 14 acres of forest.
We raise animals for the production of dairies. Every day our milk is delivered to the dairy company Latte Montagna Alto Adige, which produces the tasty Stelvio cheese.
The forest mainly provides us with fire wood. The roofs of our facilities (hotel and agricultural buildings) have all been built using the wood from our forests.

Farmhouse near the hotel Animals

Animals, stables and Co.Curious about out stables? We will be happy to show them to you: you can have a look and visit our animals. In our stables you will almost always find young calves, who will be happy for you to pet them. Also our two goats and the ponies will be ready to greet you, just like our dog Maya, obviously part of our team! All animals are raised by us. This means that we do not buy any from outside. After birth, calves are taken to the igloos, where they remain until they are four weeks old, after which they are raised in group. Our cattle lives outside the whole year, much healthier than being indoors all the time.

What work does a stable entail, and how does milking work? Do we really wake up at daybreak? Come and see us completing our daily chores, from dusk this dawn, and enjoy a glass of fresh milk. And for those who want to know more, every Saturday we organise guided tours of our stables, during which we will be happy to answer questions from our guests (special tours can be organised on request).

Vegetable garden and fieldsOur own vegetable garden is directly maintained by our chef and can be visited from the beginning of May to the end of September, from 7.30 to 8.30 a.m. You will find crispy lettuce, chives, cabbages, radish, forest fruit and much more. The fields around the farmhouse are set to grass, cut three or four times a year. We also grow corn, which is harvested in the autumn.

The farmhouse produceThe milk from our cattle is not only taken to the dairy company, but is also offered to our guests for their daily breakfast, in their coffee, tea, or muesli. When available, in the morning it will also be possible to taste our home made bacon. Also in our restaurant you will find our own produce: meat, speck, smoked salami, the typical home-made Fleischkrapflan (little filled dough pockets), and much more.

Farmhouse Amaten