The love tree with sunset - Hotel Amaten

The Amaten Love Tree

Time out with a view

Let us travel back to the year 1947.
Many guests have gathered at the Amaten mountain inn to celebrate the wedding of Eduard Wolfsgruber and his darling Maria. A ground-breaking ceremony follows as a token of their love: As a sign of his love for Maria, Eduard plants a strikingly distinctive maple tree that is to endure the years just as the sacred bond between the couple has.

The love tree - Hotel Amaten

Love is like a tree.
What matters is not how big it grows,
but how deep its roots go.

A long time has passed since then. A golden plaque is now emblazoned on the majestic trunk of the tree, which was placed in 1997 on the 50th wedding anniversary of Eduard and Maria. If you are in Brunico, your gaze naturally wanders up to the tree in Ameto, which is a beautiful sight at any time of year. The striking tree stands out and has become a popular destination for excursions over the years. It is said that many lovers have become engaged under the tree. That is why the tree is not only known as a place of power, but also as a love tree.

But not only couples are drawn here, but also families, nature lovers, those seeking peace and quiet and hobby photographers. After all, visitors can enjoy a wonderful view over the Brunico basin, the surrounding valleys and the mountain giants in the distance. It is particularly romantic at sunset when the sky turns pink. or in the evening when the first lights shine down in the valley and the stars twinkle in the sky.

The most beautiful vantage point of the Val Pusteria
The most beautiful vantage point of the Val Pusteria
Maple tree with wooden bench and sunset - Hotel Amaten

The tree of Ameto is suitable as an excursion destination at any time of the year. While guests are enchanted by wildly romantic landscapes in winter, the “green” Val Pusteria lives up to its name in spring. In summer, the tree is surrounded by wildflowers, and in autumn it becomes a colourful nature spectacle in its own right.

Several hiking trails lead to it and away from it. One of these hikes is the so-called “Helzl-Runde“. Starting from the tree, you walk through the forest, where you come out again behind the barn. Here you also have a wonderful view of Kehlburg Castle. The name “Helzl” comes from the fact that the strong north wind, which sometimes comes from the Valle di Tures and Aurina, blows wood and spruce cones into the meadows. Other hiking trails lead past Villa Santa Caterina, to Kehlburg Castle, to Gais, Montassilone or up to the Schönbichl with its amazing views.

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The love tree in Ameto in summer - Hotel Amaten Romantic spot - wooden bench with two people under the love tree - Hotel Amaten Panorama in summer - view from above - Hotel Amaten