Hotel with farm in Ameto - Hotel Amaten

Our farm next to Hotel Amaten above Brunico

Authentic & genuine

Our Amaten farm, was known as “Andermaht” around 1700 and “Amaten” from 1800 onwards, looks back on a long historical past. It has been owned by the Wolfsgruber family for several generations. Three generations work on the farm with hard work and passion: Peter, Hannes and also Maximilian and Niklas are already experts on the pedal-power tractors. Look forward to your farm holiday in South Tyrol!

Stable - exterior view - Hotel Amaten
Forest, garden & fields
  • Forest. Our forest is about 14 hectares in size and serves us primarily as a supplier of firewood. The entire roofs of our two businesses (hotel and agriculture) were made with wood from our own forest.
  • Garden. Crisp lettuces, chives, cabbages, radishes, wild berries and much more grow in our own garden, which is personally tended by the senior chef.
  • Field. Grass grows on the fields around the farm, which we mow three to four times. We also have maize, which is harvested in autumn.
Farm & Inn

Our farm covers an area of ten hectares and is specialised in dairy farming. That means that our milk is delivered daily to the alpine dairy Bergmilch Südtirol, which produces, among other things, the aromatic “Stilfser Käse”.

By the way:
You can buy the products in the Mila Shop in Brunico*
*The Mila Shop, the Bistro and the famous Senni Bar can be found in the industrial zone West, to be exact in Via Falzes 19, in Brunico.

Farm in the countryside - exterior view - Hotel Amaten
Stable & Animals

Cows, calves, goats, our farm dog Maya and some cats live on our farm near Brunico. Lots of our four-legged furry friends enjoy being stroked by our guests. If you would like to take a look behind the scenes of farm life, you can take a look over our shoulders in the mornings and evenings as we take care of the animals and even taste the freshly milked whole milk from our cows.

Not to forget, we raise the offspring of our animals ourselves, which means that no animals are bought in. After birth, the calves are placed in so-called igloos until they are four weeks old. Then they are raised in groups. Our calves are out in the fresh air all year round, a type of animal husbandry that is much healthier than simply keeping them indoors.

Pig - detail of face - Hotel Amaten Cows in the barn - Hotel Amaten Cow - detail of face - Hotel Amaten Detail of two goats - Hotel Amaten