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The Ameto tree
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Our tree – one of South Tyrol’s most beautiful viewpoints

It was the year 1947. Many guests gathered in the Amaten hotel to celebrate the matrimony and love between Eduard Wolfsgruber and his beloved Maria. As a demonstration of his love for the bride, Eduard planted a wonderful broad-leaved tree that was destined to live a long time, just like the sacred union of the couple …
A long time has gone by. On the trunk of the tree is today a gold plate, to remember Eduard and Maria’s 50th wedding anniversary, celebrated in 1997.

The tree can be seen very clearly when looking from Brunico up towards Ameto. During the years it has become a very popular destination. Some say that more than a few couples got engaged there! This is why the tree is well known, not just for its energy, but also as symbol of love. But it is not only couples that go and see it. Families, nature lovers, amateur photographers and people looking for peace and quiet also spend a lot of time there. The view is also wonderful, across Brunico, the nearby valleys and, far far away, the imposing mountain tops. And with the sunset sky turning pink everything becomes especially charming and romantic, and the beautiful spectacle continues as night takes over, when the first lights are turned on across the valley and the sky!

The Ameto tree in autumn
Tree in winter Tree in summer

The Ameto tree is great destination at any time of the yearIn winter you will be taken in by the romantic postcard views, and in spring the green Puster Valley will live up to its reputation. In summer the tree is surrounded by wild flowers, while in autumn the absolute star will be the wonderful array of colours of its leaves.

There are many paths that start and end here. One worth mentioning is the so-called “Helzl-Runde”. Starting from the tree, it takes through the forest, to then end up again behind the barn. You will also enjoy a wonderful view of the Chela Castle. The name of the path, “Helzl” comes from the strong northerly wind that sometimes blows through the Aurina Valley, scattering small bits of wood (wood = Holz; Helzl in the local dialect) and pine cones all through the fields. Other paths will take you to Villa Saint Catherine, the Chela Castle, Gais, Montassilone or Belcolle, where you will enjoy breathtaking views.

Sunset - sky turning orange