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Suggestions for the summer
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Our tips for summer holidays in Val Pusteria | Pustertal

Haidacher AlmThe Haidacher Alm is run by our cousin, together with his wife and his parents Hartschtl and Christl, the veterans, and the real pillars of the hut. It’s located in the Vila di Sopra valley, and can be reached after a one hour and forty minute walk along an easy and pleasant path. Here you will be able to sample cheese, alm butter and mozzarella, in addition to fruit juices, the sweet Kaiserschmarrn frittata, beef goulash and various desserts; all home made! And if you decide to stop for a little longer, you can also sample some good grappa.

Messner Mountain Museum CoronesOn a plateau at 2,275 metres above sea level is a monument that celebrates Plan de Corones. MMM Corones was conceived by the famous Alpinist Reinhold Messner and is dedicated to traditional alpinism. Visitors will be impressed not only by the exhibition and the surrounding mountains, but also by its unmistakable architectural design.

Messner Mountain Museum Ripa For thousand of years mankind has been attracted by the mountain. And although modern alpinism is only 250 years old, the population has been an integral part of the peaks, the rock crevices and the mountain world as a whole for over 10,000 years. MMM Ripa, hosted in the Brunico Castle, is dedicated to mountain populations from all over the world: Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Go on a journey at the discovery of the mountains and their populations.

Bruneck castle
Teodone Province Museum of Customs and Traditions Messner Mountain Museum Corones

The Vila di Sopra earth pyramidsThe Vila di Sopra earth pyramids, in Peca, are among the most important ones in the Puster Valley, and an actual architectural masterpiece of nature. Made of earth and stone, visited by many people and absolutely not to be missed, they formed at the end of the seventeenth century following strong cloudbursts. The earth pyramids can be reached following an enjoyable and easy circular path that takes through the forest.

The Teodone Province Museum of Customs and TraditionsDiscovering history through an interactive experience: in the Province Museum of Customs and Traditions, which includes a large open area, the visitor will be taken back in time to a period made of authentic life and work in the fields. You will be able to admire creaky wooden wheels, water pumps, goats, pigs, bulls, mills, tools used in activities that are now forgotten – blacksmith, rope maker, cart maker, basket weaver -, and discover the varied life of the land gentry.